Detox from any Opiate Safely & Comfortably Under Sedation
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MDS Drug Detox Specializes in Opiate Addiction & Opiate Detoxification

hope_image_oneOur physicians have extensive experience in the field of Opiate Detox under Sedation. Our Opiate Detox treatment is UNIQUE because we have perfected it to meet the needs of each patient. MDS Opioid Detox frees opiates from the brain receptors safely and effectively. The detox itself is done under sedation to avoid extreme discomfort and pain.

Naltrexone Drug Therapy

Some opiate users decide to detox from drugs on their own and deal with the horror of withdrawals without being treated with the MDS sedation opiate detox method. For these patients we highly recommend Naltrexone maintenance treatment. These patients are highly vulnerable to going back to the use of opiates, because their neuro-circuitry has not yet fully healed. Consequently an insurance policy or a defense shield has to be placed in effect to protect such patients. As an opiate blocker, Naltrexone will provide this protection.

We recommend one of these two routes for the administration of Naltrexone:

Our first preferred route is the Naltrexone pellet implant that is placed underneath the skin through a minor surgical procedure. This pellet will provide protection for two months as the medicine is absorbed gradually. This protection is provided on a continuous daily basis as the patient proceeds with daily business and activities. The Naltrexone implant is available at an additional fee and provides protection for approximately two months.

Vivitrol (extended release injectable naltrexone) has been approved by the FDA in October of 2010 to treat people with opioid dependence. It is the first and only once-monthly injectable naltrexone delivery system approved and indicated for the prevention of relapse following opioid detoxification. We are proud to be working closely with Alkermes, the pharmaceutical company that produces Vivitrol to help those patient who have and are willing to use their Medical Insurance to fully cover those injections for as long as a year after our procedure ensuring sobriety. For those patients who are willing to pay for injections out-of-pocket Alkermes is willing to help with substantial discounts, however it is still relatively costly.

Learn More – Here’s information on Vivitrol.


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