Detox from any Opiate Safely & Comfortably Under Sedation
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What Our Patients Say

Testimonial Dr. George Thank you very much, your constant kindness is much appreciated. I'm gonna make you proud. I'm gonna keep coming in for implants. No more opiates, ever!!
Testimonial Dr. George, Thank you! Things are great for me. My whole family, including my mom and brother, moved to Hawaii, and we are all doing great, thank you. If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't be alive, much living on Maui since my detox in 2012. God bless!!
Testimonial Hi Doc! I'm doing wonderful, thanks so much for all of your help. I can't wait to see you in 7 weeks! I'm flying in to have the pellet replaced. You and your staff are truly angels! ~MaryJo-TN
Testimonial Dr. George, Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Just wanted to say, it's amazing how many things come back to you that have just been numb for years. Emotions, feelings, etc. I'm so glad I came to y'all; I had really given up hope of ever kicking this habit. 50 days now, and still just better every day. ~ Chris- TN
Testimonial Dr. George, For the first time in a very long time, I feel very great waking up. I just wanted to thank you and your team for everything you guys did for me this week. I'm ready to start my new life. See you in two weeks for our appt. ~ Dillon - Heroin, MI
Testimonial "I have my whole life ahead of me and now I can share with others my journey and give them the same hope that I have found. It is wonderful to wake up each day and not depend on pills to control my day. Thank you so much, Dr. George."
Testimonial "Before find MDS Drug Detox, I was a prescription drug addict for 8 years and felt like I'd never get my life back. The procedure they offer is the easiest, most comfortable thing I've done in 8 years. Thank you ."
Testimonial "Honestly, I felt no withdrawal after the procedure. It is now day 27 and I've been able to work again with a very clear head; I have no regrets and have much gratitude to Dr. George and his staff for getting me off of the opiates without withdrawing."
Testimonial "It is the nicest facility with the most wonderful genuine staff. Every accommodation possible is here and it's just like home. The staff attends to every patient with love, care and respect."
Testimonial "My life without substances is much better, but is only the beginning. Now I am living LIFE without them!"
Testimonial Ann thank you so much, thank all of you guys I feel a million times better and you guys will all hold a big place in my heart. You were awesome you helped me out a lot just by talking to me the whole time. Tell DOC I said thanks for coming to visit in the morning also amazing staff all around I always felt safe. ~ Rick – Heroin, NM
Testimonial I would like to give much gratitude to Dr. George and his staff at MDS. This procedure was the best decision I have ever made, I have my life back! Making the decision to do this, was one I did not make lightly. The first time I spoke to Dr. George I was scared to death. Being in the medical field myself, I was shocked that a doctor actually answered the phone, almost unbelievable, but very true. I spoke with him many times before deciding to have the procedure done, he was and continues to be such an advocate for me, always willing to answer any questions and is most knowledgeable not only in this procedure but in all aspects of addiction and never once showing any judgement. I’ve seen many doctors throughout my lifetime and can say that he is one of a kind! ~ Christine – Oxycodone, RI
Testimonial Hi Ann this is Chelsea. I just wanted to thank you for you really went above and beyond! I also can’t begin to thank you dr George and the rest of the team for giving me my life back. What you do matters and you are greatly appreciated I will always look back and be thankful for all that you all did and have done for me. I am myself again. I have my life back and truly couldn’t have done it without the help of you and your staff. Just know that you make a difference! And I can’t thank you enough for continuing to help still today. Words can’t express my gratitude. Please pass along my many thanks. You are truly lifesavers. God bless! xoxo ~ Heroin, CT
Testimonial Just wanted to thank you Dr George. I feel a lot better! You are such a good hearted and caring person all around!! No matter how i mess up your always there to help me and not lecture me!! This world is a better place because of people like you!! ~ Marcus, OH
Testimonial Hi Ann, it’s Logan. I just wanted to thank you and thank Chris and Ben my EMT’s .. You all were so awesome and gave me my freedom from the methadone poison. The chemical handcuffs were slowly killing me and ruining my life and relationships. … I’m so thankful I found you. ALL are Angels and gave me Another chance … I have had to fight everyday and wanted this so much! I recommend everyone who really want your life back and you are Ready, GO! don’t stop! just get yourself to them and they will treat you like gold … Ben, Chris, Dr George ! Ann, Dr. Aharonov were so nice and sweet. I love all of you ! Methadone clinics are poisoning you please get help if you’re really ready and want it bc This was fast, worked and was the best thing I’ve done for myself! thank you ~ Logan – Methadone, OH
Testimonial Ann, I’d like you to share this beautiful advice you gave us following our detox: “Alicia & Albert, don’t look back. Sometimes, the best lessons in life are not the easiest. Give yourself credit for wanting to get on a better path. You are young and have so much to look forward to! Stay supportive of each other and you can achieve so much together!” You are like a family member to us! We are so grateful for all your love and support. We just wanted to let you know we are doing great and feeling a lot better. Thank you so much for everything. We love all of you very much..
Testimonial Your such a sweet heart Ann. Thank you and everyone there for all your help and support. It’s really sad to now see who our true friends are, I’ll tell you that… Thanks again Ann. ~ Heroin & Suboxone, NY
Testimonial Ann, U r a doll ! I really enjoyed getting to know you. MDS staff saved my daughters life and gave me my little girl back. We attribute her sobriety to MDS ! I speak about your practice every chance I get. Happy Thanksgiving to your family. We r thankful ! God bless u and your precious family ! ~ Heroin, MI
Testimonial Hi Ann! It’s Kristin. My daughter Lauren had the detox 10 days ago. Lauren got 30 days in rehab at court today . Very happy about that. I’m sure your letter had a big impact on the judge’s decision. Thank you so very much! God bless! ~ Heroin, KY
Testimonial Ann, Thank you and give the Dr.’s a special thanks, they are doing amazing things for people. Just to let you know, the 1-1 care until departure was exceptional! It is people like you and your Dr.s that supply hope to the despaired. It’s that hope that allows loved ones to remain supportive. Thank you for everything. ~ Oxycodone, VT
Testimonial Ann, Thank you so much! Without my family, you, Dr. George and the rest of the staff it wouldn’t have been possible!! WE are all doing WONDERFUL!! I’ve never been so happy! I finally have my life back!
Testimonial My son had the Rapid Detox done this past week and came home today. Of course for 3 days I was on pins and needles while he and my husband were away at the MDS center. I made my husband call me every hour I believe , I was so very worried. I also know that it was slow going and he was not the most cooperative patient however through your tremendous abilities and that as well as the Doctor and staff I believe you did an outstanding job. I saw my son today and had a great conversation with him (something we have not done in a while) and I saw my boy, the way he used to be , perhaps not quite there yet but it was amazing. His color was great and his beautiful eyes were opened and wide , again something I have not seen in a long time. He still has a long way to go , but I pray he will follow it through and continue to be drug free. I will let you know periodically how he is coming along. Thank you again for your caring and expertise. ~ Suboxone, Windsor Ontario
Testimonial I recently underwent the rapid detox treatment about a week ago. I was on suboxone and heroin. At the time of the procedure, I had withdrawn from heroin to suboxone to stabilize myself before the procedure. I had been a hard core heroin addict. The suboxone was a way to hold me over from spending too much money on heroin. When I had money, I used heroin. When I ran out, I had to get back on suboxone. The process of getting back on suboxone from heroin in itself is very hard because you do experience withdrawal symptoms for several days, until the suboxone stabilizes your body. I went through this process of switching from heroin to suboxone at least 20 times in the past year. I had some vacation time from work and decided to quit heroin cold turkey, but I couldn’t. When I heard about MDS rapid detox, I decided to go through the procedure. I took suboxone to stop my withdrawal from heroin until the procedure, which was a weeks time. So in essence, I had been taking suboxone for a week before the procedure because 3 weeks before, I strictly was only taking heroin. My procedure was (day 1) and I planned to be back at work by (day 5). This is a pretty optimistic goal. I almost backed out of it, until I thought to myself, I’m tired of being a junky and I want to stop ?. So with all of that in mind, I went through the procedure. The staff was great. The facility was great. It looks like a regular hospital. The building looks like an office building, not a hospital from the outside, which was cool because it reassures confidentiality in a sense. The doctor’s are very experienced, and the staff really takes care of you to make sure you will be fine. You get prepped just like a surgical procedure, the anesthesiologists uses an LMA, which is cool because your throat won’t be sore. Before I knew it, the procedure was done. The day of the procedure you feel out of it because of the anesthesia, but the staff helps you with everything. A healthcare provider goes back with you to your hotel to make sure you are ok. You don’t experience chills, sweats, or any of the hard-core withdrawal symptoms that you all know about. They give you medications to help you sleep through the first day. The second day, you feel a little groggy, and I had restless legs for about 4-8 hours, then it went away. The procedure in essence, compacts about 2 weeks of withdrawal symptoms in thirty minutes during the procedure. The best thing to do after the second and third day is to move around as much as you can. You will be fatigued, but you won’t be suffering. The only things that bug you the most is feeling weak, diarrhea (which can be managed through drinking fluids and meds so it’s not so bad), and just a little jittery, which you can take a medication for that also to control that. By my fourth and fifth day I started getting my strength and energy back. I was able to work on (day 5). You start getting your appetite back back by day 4-5 to where you just want to eat a lot, and drink. After a week I have no cravings for any opiates what so ever. The naltrexone really works well. After you leave, you have your meds for you to take home with you to help with the minor symptoms. Ask for a good amount of sleep medication from the doctor because that is another symptom which is present. Try to allow about a week of recovery time to go through this procedure because after a week, you feel about 95% normal. After 5 days, you feel 75% normal because your leg and arm strength is a little week. But it gets better every 8 hours. Withdrawal cold turkey from suboxone takes about 3-4 weeks physically (trust me, I’ve been through it), but after the procedure, you have to develop a plan to stay clean months down the road. I highly recommend MDS to anybody that has any opiate addiction because why suffer for weeks when you only have to go through mild symptoms for about 1 week? Good luck. ~Heroin/Suboxone, San Antonio, TX
Testimonial Ann, We left today and just got home. I’m still tired, slugging, and just can’t eat but I think its because I’m still getting rid of a lot of the toxins. Wow did I learn some things, but I feel like I have my life back. Even better, I don’ want to smoke anymore. I want to keep my brand new clean neurons sparkling clean! Its funny all my life I was a work-out buff personal trainer but I always smoked. Now I feel like I can get back to a real healthy lifestyle, not a hypocritical one. Thank you, Ann, you are an angel and you work with angels. I will pray every day for all of your wellness and to have only good things happen to you. You all deserve it. God Bless! ~Oxycodone, NC
Testimonial Doing well so far. Thanks for everything! Please send the entire crew my deepest thanks and gratitude. Sucking it up. Work is tough but will conquer. ~ Vicodin, CT
Testimonial God bless all of you at MDS! I am enjoying everything life has to offer. I am back to the husband and father my family deserves. When I make promises, I keep them. When I say I’ll do something, consider it done. I can sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning, I look forward to starting my day. In addition to making the right choices, It feels great to be trusted and relied on once again. I’ve come to the realization that everyday is a gift. ~ Opiates, CA
Testimonial I just wanted to say that I was an addict and a friend of mine requested that I check out MDS. The staff was very helpful and caring getting me through this addiction I request that any addict out there that needs help should contact MDS Rapid Drug Detox to get through the hard times because if it wasn’t for them I don’t think I would be alive right now! ~ Vicodin, Dearborn, MI
Testimonial It has now been a month since I checked in to MDS for withdrawal from Suboxone and it is hard to believe that I am the same person. Every day life seems to get better and I experience the joy of life free from opiates. I have been very careful to follow the instructions I was given by Dr. George and everyone at MDS. I figure that my best thinking got me in the mess I was in, so maybe it’s time to take some direction for a while.For the first two weeks after my procedure, I called Dr. George several times. After the procedure, I got wonderful instruction and guidance, but when I got home and real life kicked in it was a huge comfort to know that I could call and speak to him at any time if I had questions. The majority of the calls were related to medications. On every occasion, Dr. George answered my calls immediately and was always compassionate and helpful. There has never been a time that I felt that I was on my own and, at this point, I am off all the medications that were initially prescribed. I know that at least once I called just to get the reassurance that I was doing the right thing and he was always there to help.After the first couple of weeks, I began to realize that I would need to do a little more than just sit and wait for my life to put itself back together. For that reason, when Dr. George suggested that I begin to put exercise and a healthy diet into my daily regime, I did just that. This has made a monumental difference in the way I feel. I began to go to my local gym and to walk in my neighborhood. I often get up at 5 am and go out and walk before I go to work. I feel so good and this has also helped me with my sleep and overall sense of well being. I have also worked to change my eating habits and am in better shape than I’ve been in years. It just keeps getting better. For the past several years, because of the opiates, I slept and went to work. There was not much more to life than that for me. My joy was gone and I was depressed all the time. It is amazing how much joy has returned to my life and my family and friends love seeing me so happy. I laugh, I mean really belly laugh, all the time now. I just feel so wonderful and being around people is fun again. My kids make me laugh all the time and people want to be around me again. I cannot explain how much all this means to me because I had become a shell of a person who was sad, depressed, and depressing to be around.I still speak to Ann every now and then. She is such a wonderful, caring person. It is awesome to know that I am more to them than just another patient. She, Dr. George, and all the wonderful people who make up MDS are genuine and truly care about me as a person. Although I have gotten to the point that I don’t need them as much on a daily basis, it is so very comforting to know that they are as close as a phone call away. I feel that I have a friend in Ann now and love what a precious person she is.I am writing this for one reason only to encourage and give hope to anyone who still suffers with the weight of opiate addiction. God knows if there had been any way that I could have stopped on my own, I would have done so. I tried for over two years and things only got worse. MDS literally saved my life and I believe that God sent me to them. Now, on the other side and free from that heavy, heavy weight, I can attest to the fact that life is so much more and can be so much better. I can only expect things to continue to get better, as long as I remain drug free. As I said before, I follow directions and things just keep getting better. If you feel alone and without hope, give Ann a call. That’s the best decision I’ve ever made and the best money I’ve ever spent. It was not easy coming up with the time and the money necessary to take the step toward having this procedure done, but I look at it like this; I would have done just about anything to make sure I had my drug on a daily basis because it was my lifeline. I just had to make a decision that I would do just about anything to become drug free. After that, there was no looking back. I had a choice. I could sit and feel sorry for myself and make excuses as to why I could not take charge of my life, or I could get to work, take the necessary steps, and, as the Nike slogan goes, just do it. No more excuses, no more poor me ?, no more victim, I am now a strong, sober woman, filled with joy and hope! Life is wonderful .if you are hurting, please make that call!
Testimonial You guys saved my life! I am forever grateful to have been blessed with and chance to be strong and brave by the Lord! He led me to you and you old Green website! Thank you Dr. George. I’ll NEVER forget you. I have a special Love for all of you! To Ann….I feel I have a special bond with you. You got me all the way through start and well after. YOU are the GREATEST person anyone could have in their life. ~ Oxycontin, CA
Testimonial To Ann, Dr. George, Dr. Julia (Aharonov), Asher, Mallory, Katie, and Elaine, I owe my life. From the first phone call to MDS I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. I feel it very important to share my story with those who still suffer with opiate addiction and to let you know that there is hope!After several years sobriety from opiate addiction in the ?90’s, I made the very bad judgment call and began taking Tramadol (Ultram) that was prescribed to me by a physician for migraine headaches ?. I had been given this drug several years prior in a treatment facility in order to detox from Oxycontin dependency. I cannot say that I was totally innocent as to the effect I would receive from this drug and, as with any opiate, as the effects began to wear off, I took more and more until I was completely and helplessly hooked with no way out. After about 2 years of going from doctor to doctor to get enough Tramadol to make it through each day, I found out about the wonder drug ?, Suboxone. I did all the research I could find on this medication and, after 2 years on Tramadol (and anything else that would get me through to my next prescription), I located a psychiatrist who was more than willing to prescribe a high dose of Suboxone. I thought I had found utopia! Not only was I no longer having to work every day to get more of my drug of choice, but it was totally legal and he was totally willing to prescribe the pills every month without question. Little did I know that I had just switched to another opiate and that it would be close to two more years before I could find a solution. The Suboxone worked well. It kept me at a level that I could continue my daily life with and I dutifully went to each of my very expensive psychiatry visits to get my prescription. However, now in my early 50’s, I began to lose all my zest for life. My libido was at an all time bottom; I was depressed, and sincerely thought that all of this was due to menopause! I went to doctors and no one could help. In fact, I cannot recall, until recently, the last time I had real joy or laughter. In all fairness, my psychiatrist is a precious man. Sadly, though, he really had no idea how addicting the Suboxone is and, although we weaned me down to 1/3 of a 2 mg strip daily, I could not go any lower and still get out of bed and function. Any lower dose brought me into a deep depression and the only thing I could do to get out of it was to begin to raise my dose again. My doctor just could not understand why I couldn’t just go ahead and quit at such a low dose. He was prescribing 8 strips (2mg) monthly and I still could not completely stop. I reached my deepest despair and began to think I would never be able to do this without a lengthy and expensive drug rehab. Sadly, that was not an option because I had kept all of this secret from my family and friends and could not chance the repercussions of them finding out, especially in the job that I work. That’s when I believe with all my heart that God (my higher power) led me to MDS. I researched rapid drug detox facilities for over a year but so many of them were so extremely expensive there was really no question as to my ability to do this. Eventually, about a month ago, I located one of the rapid detox programs in Michigan and called. At first, it seemed like I had found what I had been looking for. I scheduled an appointment and began to make arrangements to have the time off work and go to this facility. Because I feel it important for each person to make his or her own decisions, I will not say anything other than the fact that I believe I was led, just a few days before departing for this facility, to call the number on the MDS website. I had been especially attracted to a blog that the anesthesiologist, Dr. Julia, had posted on the site. That changed everything. From the moment I made that call, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. Ann was my contact person and she was an absolute angel. She answered my questions, helped me come up with solutions, and told me every step of what I needed to expect. We spoke on numerous occasions and there was never a time that she was upset or too busy to speak to me. Confidentiality was of utmost importance and we texted several times as well. This was a huge decision for me and I had my fears and doubts. Ann put every fear I had to rest and from that point I never turned back. I promptly cancelled my other appointment and scheduled my procedure with MDS for the following week. I took the plunge and eventually decided to talk to my 25 year old son about what was going on and, although I felt a great deal of shame, he embraced me and told me that, without a doubt, he would be going with me to Michigan and that he would see me through the entire process. Funny how I was so afraid to tell anyone that I had a problem and this actually brought him and me closer in the process! On arrival to the area on the day before my procedure, I underwent an extensive battery of tests to assure that I was in utmost health and that the procedure would be safe for me. I had a stress echo by a cardiologist and went from there directly to the MDS center. Elaine, the receptionist, was kind and very helpful when we arrived. Then, I met Dr. George. What a guy! Extremely professional, yet caring and kind, I knew he was going to take good care of me. I had blood work, a psychological examination from a psychiatrist, and a complete medical workup by Dr. George. I think that one of the most important steps that put me totally at ease was that Ann, my angel ?, came to the center to meet me. I will never forget that selfless act from her because she certainly didn’t have to do that. I met Mallory (I’ll talk more about her in a moment), and with everything looking good, we left for our hotel room that MDS had reserved for us. Let me say one thing. I followed every single instruction I was given by Ann and Dr. George. I was instructed to drink a bottle of Mag Citrate (a not-so-wonderful-tasting laxative) on Monday night prior to the procedure on Wednesday, followed by another bottle 4 hours later. Trust me, I did not want to do this, but I was determined to take my life back so I did precisely that. It didn’t make for the most pleasant plane ride in history but most of the effects were gone by late morning anyway. Also, I was asked to remain on a clear liquid diet on Tuesday, which I grudgingly did because I was starving! The day of the procedure, my son took me to MDS and left me in capable hands. He came in and everyone assured him that he could return to the hotel and that I would be well cared for. I was then escorted to a very well established hospital/surgical area and prepared for my procedure. Naturally, I was apprehensive, but the staff at MDS put all my fears to rest. The remainder of my ? angels included Mallory (who I mentioned earlier), Asher, Katie, and Dr. Julia, who came and introduced herself and presented as a very professional woman who deeply cared about the path I was on. Although that was the only time I consciously saw her, I know that I was in very capable hands and that she took very seriously the fact that she held my life in her hands. Now, about my other angels. Mallory is a complete doll. I have not seen anyone love their job as much as this young woman does in some time. Her bright smile, her confidence and poise were contagious. I had no fears. She assured my son that Asher, Katie and she would be coming back to the hotel to be with him for the first few hours after my release from the MDS center and she did just that. Asher, an astoundingly knowledgeable and intuitive young man was my paramedic who started my IV and gave me more information about what my recovery would be like. Katie was a new employee and I know they made a very good choice in choosing her as well because she is very eager to learn and was very caring and compassionate as well. The last thing I recall was Asher telling me I would be getting sleepy and evidently he was right because the next thing I knew I was waking up after the procedure. Now, let me be very blunt here. I am not writing this blog to sell anything so my intent is to tell about my experience with this process. So, I will be as honest as I can possibly be and tell the events that followed as accurately as I possibly can. Naturally, I was under light anesthesia for the procedure. However, I did awake in a very nice recovery area, surrounded by the staff members who were there for my every need. Honestly, my first two hours seemed like something had gone terribly wrong. I recall a horrible case of restless legs, arms, body, and was unable to be still in the bed. The knowing staff did everything possible to alleviate these symptoms but this was just part of the process I was to endure. I lay there and recalled reading a testimonial of someone from a different drug detox facility who had said they had had 8 hours of restless leg after their procedure so I kept thinking, OK, I can do anything for just 8 hours ?, over and over. Thank God, this was over in about 2 hours and I’ve only gotten better since that time. As to their word, Mallory and Katie both returned to the hotel with my son and me. They assisted me to the bed where I slept for hours. I had fits of sneezing (3-4 big sneezes which I was told are part of the withdrawals) but, other than that, I did not have a single problem. They remained with my son and offered him support for several hours and I will never forget their kindness. I knew they had lives and families to get to but their dedication to what they are doing was insurmountable. I will never forget them for the comfort they provided my son who feared that he would not know what to do to care for his mother. The next day, and for the next two days, just as we were told, Dr. George came by to check on me each morning, followed shortly by a visit from Asher. We had their personal phone numbers and there was never a time that we called that they didn’t promptly answer with words of wisdom and comfort. I am still astounded by Asher’s understanding of the addiction process and he offered a great deal of comfort to my son. Although I was feeling better by the hour (exactly as Asher told me I would), it was very nice to see their faces and hear how well I was doing. I was given an array of medications with explicit instructions (to my son) to help me through any imaginable problem that may arise. I did take medication to help with a little restlessness for the first few nights, but at this point have stopped all the meds. I have them available if I need them but it feels so wonderful to feel ? again, I’m hesitant to take anything and am beginning to feel human again. My son and I left on Saturday morning as scheduled. I did not want to get out of bed because, as Newton’s law suggests, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion ? (more or less). So, I knew that the only way I was going to get moving was to get up and get moving. My son packed our bags and we headed to the airport. At this point, I am 5 days post procedure. I awoke at 5 am (haven’t done that in years) and am dressed and ready to go. I ate breakfast (oh, one thing I did forget to mention was that I had zero appetite for the first 4 days but it is gradually returning and food tastes good again), and am now ready to go out and do errands. I am fortunate that I have a few more days off work because I still feel a little weak and am working through that on a daily basis by getting up and moving. My body is alive again and I spent last evening laughing, literally belly laughing, with another of my sons ? something I haven’t done in a very long time. Happily, just as Dr. George also wisely suggested, my libido has returned with a vengeance and I’m 54 years old! YAY! I had the wonderful privilege of meeting another patient who underwent the same rapid detox procedure on the same day and he came and visited my son and me on the 3rd day after our procedure. He also did extremely well and I was a little envious that he was up and around before me, which gave me that much more incentive to get up and get moving. He was a great guy, someone I would never have met under any other circumstances. He had been on what he described as massive doses of opiates, too numerous to count, and was a little surprised that a drug like Tramadol could have grabbed me like it did. What I want to say to anyone who still suffers, is that it does not matter what form of opiate you are having a problem with. Opiates are insidious, extremely addicting, and in too many cases in our world today, lethal. If you are like me and cannot stop, please understand that you are not weak, immoral, or lack motivation. Opiates have a physical mechanism that allows them to attach to brain receptors. You face one of a few options. One is that of placing yourself in a room without access out for up to 2 months to go through the withdrawal process. But, if you are like me, once the withdrawals get too bad, you’ll be out of that room in a flash trying to find something to make you feel normal ? again, and the addiction continues to rage. Next, you can continue to try to wean off the medications. The problem with that is that the brain receptors do not easily let go of the opiates and I was never able to get past the lower dosages. You can also continue to use, destroy your life and those around you and end up either in jail or, worse, in the cemetery. Or, you can make the call to Ann at MDS and find your angels like I found mine. I will continue to add to this as time goes on. Like I said, I still feel a little weak, but not much and this is only day 5. I’m going shopping and plan to clean house later ? if I choose to. You see, today I have choices that I didn’t have a week ago and I am grateful to God for this opportunity. I plan to seek out a meeting of some sort this evening ? oh, and I went to church right by myself yesterday! I’m going to do every single thing Dr. George tells me I should do. He has answered every phone call I’ve made to him and I have every reason to believe he will be there as time goes on. I have a Naltrexone implant but am taking Naltrexone by mouth for a few days until that kicks in. I’m not messing with this addiction ? hopefully, ever again. Not sure if I’ll be able to return for new implants every few months, but that is certainly an option. If I can’t come back for a new implant, I will start taking the Naltrexone pills again, for as long as I feel that I need them. Asher made a little funny on his last visit to me; he said, yeah, this is your chance at a drug-free life ? unless you have a few thousand dollars you wanna throw around again ?! I have decided that I don’t want to go that route again and, for that reason, am extremely grateful to the caring staff at MDS for giving me my life back and will follow every bit of advice they give me. I am filled with gratitude today and apologize for the length of this blog. But then again, it’s my blog so I guess it can be as long as I want. My goal was to share my complete experience with the wonderful people at MDS and my prayers for those of you who still suffer with this disease. If you are waiting for the right time, maybe it is now. Ann is the angel of mercy you will speak to and I believe you will never turn back!
Testimonial Dear MDS crew, It has been a month now and I feel it is time to spend a little time and express my gratitude for your compassion for me. As you know, my situation was dire. Highly addicted to Oxycontin, taking around 700 mgs/day and spiraling fast into self-destruction. I had hit rock bottom and was hopeless. I cried and cried day and night because I just couldn’t believe this all happened to me. I am not a criminal, a dead beet or a person who needs to be removed from normal society. I am a respected, intelligent man with a great loving wife and two perfect children. I work very hard everyday and earn everything I have. Only problem was, my addiction was killing me and hurting my family. I needed help but thought there was no one who could help me. I own multiple businesses and finding someone to help me on my difficult schedule was impossible. That’s when I discovered the Rapid Detox procedure. I e-mailed every possible detox center. Either they were outrageously priced or they couldn’t help me because of my tight schedule. I was right, no one could help me with my addiction. When I almost finally gave up, I vaguely remembered one ?green website’. Of course, this was the old site, but it stuck in my mind. I gave it one more final chance and found MDS. I sent an e-mail and was answered the same day. Ann was so good to me. She waited up until 2am, her time, just to speak to me over the phone! My prayers were answered. I found a way out of my obsession of mind. Through Faith, Hope and Love, I am totally free today of my horrible addiction. God certainly intervened and put me together with MDS. My experience with MDS was the best decision I have ever made. It was, although, tough to make the final decision because of the uncertainty of the procedure. I didn’t know how I would feel when I woke up. To be honest, I was terrified. But I knew I needed help and that going was the right choice. Everyone there made sure I was perfectly comfortable. From being picked up from the airport, to pre-procedure, through post-op. It was almost surreal. On the day of my procedure, I made it through all the pre-procedure tests and was ready to go for it. I weighed in, 75 pounds underweight from my addiction, and was given a gown to wear. I privately dressed and then was asked to lie down on the hospital bed. I was given an IV and that was the last thing I remember. I woke up 12 hours after the procedure in my hotel room with my wife by my side taking care of me. Now, I must stress this next part strongly. I woke up without ANY withdrawal symptoms. Not the kind us opiate users are all too familiar with. The horrific body pain, watery eyes, runny nose, painful joints, and restless legs just to name a few. These symptoms were all completely eliminated. What I did experience were flu like symptoms. Which, of course, as we all know, is tolerable. I have had the flu before just like anyone. This was almost the same. Of course I was weak, nauseous and had diarrhea. But compared to real level 10 withdrawals or even mild withdrawal, it was nothing. The minor symptoms I did have were all dealt with, with non-addictive medicine and were controlled. I rested in a comfortable bed in my hotel room for the next two days. Dr. George visited me every morning to check on me and made sure I was on the right track. From the track I was on, this was by far a much better track. On day three I had to go due to my tight schedule but all was okay. By then, I was feeling much better already. Right before I left, the doctor made sure I was doing well and made sure I had enough medication to be comfortable. Then right before I left I was given the most wonderful gift. I had the pleasure of meeting the woman who made it all possible for me to get clean from the start. Ann. -Ann, I feel I have a special relationship with you. You took care of everything for me. You made it so easy for me to make the right decision, to trust the expertise of Dr. George and Dr. Aharonov and go through with the procedure. For that, I am forever in your debt. MDS is not your typical business. Most businesses are only after your money. This was not the case with MDS. They had only one agenda. To take care of me, and get me free of addiction. My overall health and well-being was their number one priority. As soon as I arrived, I received the same care as in any major hospital. The same kind of care you get from doctors and nurses who serve their patients and don’t ever even think about their paychecks. So, to anyone that is having a hard time deciding if Rapid Detox is for them, stop and look no further. MDS was the only place that could help me and they did nothing short of saving my life. While their close competitors looked at my situation as a burden to their business, had a scary procedure protocol, or was just too expensive, MDS compassionately accepted me with open arms. Not just big, wide open arms, but the kind that come only from the grace of God. I once thought all day, everyday about how to get more opiates. Today, I think about how great it is to be opiate free. I once fell victim to many of the Seven Deadly Sins; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride, all because of addiction. Today, I can practice only Seven Heavenly Virtues; Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility, all because I was given a second chance at life. MDS made this possible. My children didn’t know what was going on and asked my wife, Are you sure dad didn’t have brain surgery?! He is so nice now! ? That is truly a gift, to be a good dad again. To be a good husband again. God said, Come ? and I Went. ? To the whole crew at MDS, from the bottom of my heart, as our merciful Lord as my witness, thank you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back. I will always remember all of you and what you did for me, and of course that ?Green website’. If I could ever do anything for you, please let me know. If any person is having a hard time deciding whether or not to go through Rapid Detox with MDS, please call me. I would be more than grateful to share my story and be a support person for anyone. Your special patient, with love and gratitude, ~ Chad, CA
Testimonial Happy Mother’s Day Ann. I think this will be the best one I have ever had. Thank you for all you and Dr George and your staff have done for Aaron this week! Thank u so much! I can finally say its not to good to be true!! U guys are the best” ~ Sherry (Aaron’s mom) Heroin, IL
Testimonial Hi anne. Its Nichole. I want to thank you guys for what u do for people there. U truly are miracle workers/ or angels sent from God.I know its been a short time and i have plenty of time but its going way better and im so happy. Again thank you millions and God bless you! ~ Heroin, IN
Testimonial Thank you all for my life back. Just to let you know, I did loose 75 lbs from using, but I so far have gained 30 lbs!! Only 45 more to go! Everyone noticed that I look soooo much better! My children do not know what really happened. I told them I had to have back surgery. They asked my wife “Are you sure dad didn’t have brain surgery?! He is so much nicer!” That is my gift, to be a good dad again. To be a good husband again. God said “Come.” And I “Went.” Thanks again ~ Special Weekend Patient
Testimonial I began shooting heroin twelve years ago. I tried rehab on seven different occasions. I was never really successful with it. Finally I came across a medication called Suboxone. This medicine allowed me to stop shooting heroin but it made me beholden to an octagonal orange pill instead. An expensive pill. I still felt vaguely like an addict because without the Suboxone, I would go through the same terrible withdrawal and then perhaps relapse just like I always had before. But, at the time, Suboxone seemed the lesser of two evils. After years and thousands of dollars spent on little orange pills, I did some research and found out about the rapid detox process. The idea that I could stop taking Suboxone and avoid the gut-wrenching pain and heartache of opiate withdrawal seemed like some far-off gossamer dream- beautiful but out of the realm of possibility. However, the more I looked into it, the more I realized that it was a viable medical option for anyone on any opiate. I checked out all the different facilities. I talked to representatives at each of them. I weighed my choices carefully. I chose MDS. I chose MDS because the first person I spoke with was Ann and she listened carefully to all my concerns and then answered knowledgeably. She was professional; she never talked over me or condescended to me, and most of all she knew far more about the rapid detox than any other person I’d spoken with at the other facilities. When I finally arrived at MDS, I knew that I’d chosen well. Everyone was welcoming and reassuring. Dr. George carefully outlined the procedure and the subsequent medications I’d be taking. He made me aware of exactly what to expect. He was intelligent, friendly, and full of humor. Those qualities, as much as the information, made me feel at ease instead of anxious. Despite all that, somewhere in the back of my mind, I still thought I might feel dope-sick after the procedure. I was wrong. I woke up to Mallory’s sweet face and I felt fine! Fine! A few months previously I never would have believed that I could stop using an opiate and not go through withdrawal, but I had. I was tired but in a good mood. My body did not hurt, I wasn’t soul-crushingly sad (which is what withdrawal had always made me feel before), and I felt quite pleased that I would never have to take another opiate ever again for the rest of my lovely little life. If you are considering the rapid detox procedure and you are researching right now which facility to use, I can promise you that MDS is the right choice. What makes it the right choice are the people who work there. Dr. George and his intelligent positivity, Dr. Aharonov and her calming attitude, Ann and her willingness to do ANYTHING for you, Mallory and her kindness, and Asher and his experience…these people changed my life in just a few short days. Choose MDS. They really are the best. ” ~ Heroin/Suboxone, TX ——————————————— Many thanks to Dr George, Ann, Shawn ,Elaine , Sara and Dr Aharonov. You saved my son’s life. It has been only 8 days since he was detoxed and I see a miracle. Not only is all desire for drugs gone, he has stopped smoking cigarettes after 17 years. He has been doing heroin or methadone for over 5 years and I was hopeless. He has failed detox many times and has gone through many painful experiences. At MDS, he had some symptoms that were controlled by medication for about 12 hours. After 36 hours he was feeling good. Today on day 8, he says he feels like he is 18 again. His memory of drugs in pretty much washed away. His mind is very clear and his eyes are clear and bright. As a parent, of course I was somewhat leary of the procedure, but I would be happy to talk to anyone and encourage this very humane way of wiping one’s body clean of opiates. Each time I look at him, I thank MDS for returning my real son to me. Forever Greatful, Mother in CT ~ Methadone, CT
Testimonial My 23year old son admitted to me, a year and a half ago that he was doing opiates and he desperately needed help as he couldn’t stop as the withdrawal pain was too intense. I tried everything to get help for him. I called every rehab and detox imaginable, he also went to a methadone clinic, this didn’t work..and he wouldn’t go anywhere where he had to suffer as we tried the at home withdrawal method. I was getting nowhere, and my son could hardly function. His addiction got worse. I finally contacted Ann from MDS in Michigan and everything she said was what I knew would be the answer. She helped me convince my son that this would be the best approach. She understood his concerns and spent a long time talking to him. The appointment was booked and we drove to Michigan from Ontario, Canada approx. 4 hours away. I thought it was going to be in a rough area, but it actually was close to some affluent areas.(very beautiful) When Chris met Dr. George he told me he was the coolest doctor he had ever met, and the staff treated him as if he was the most important person that had ever gone there. I have been home now for over a week and I have my son back. Everyone is commenting on how good he looks, and I’ve had several people asking how this miracle happened. I want to thank Ann, Sara, Shawn, Elaine, Tonya, Dr.Julia Aharonov and especially Dr.George and the rest of the staff for saving my sons life. ~ Mariann – Methadone/Opiates, Ontario, Canada
Testimonial Our Personal Journey With MDS In 2010 my daughter was first prescribed opiates to deal with chronic back pain. Due to her age, physicians in our state were very reluctant to deal with her. This seemed like the only form of relief at the time.. Two years later, we found ourselves in the middle of a critical drug addiction. I say Critical, because it had affected every aspect of her life in a negative way and had literally consumed her. We knew at that point that we needed a solution and that’s when our journey to find a rapid detox center began. After looking at many facilities and researching their practices, we choose MDS. I would like to share with you our experience with this facility, but mostly, with the wonderful people who form this very special place. Almost immediately we were embraced by every single person we met and made to feel at peace and ease with our choice. Ann, Dr George, Dr Julia, Shawn, Elaine and Sara are people who will forever be a part of our lives because that’s just how it is. They are caring, loving, professionals who understand the importance of what they do and are committed from the very beginning, continuing as long as you need them. Let me lead you through what we experienced and what you can expect from MDS and their staff We were taken in within 48 hours after our call even though they don’t typically do this procedure on Fridays. Dr George explained to us his understanding of the importance of getting patients in when they ? were ready .before they changed their mind.. My daughter was the only patient they had that day and the full staff was there for her, and as it turns out, for me as well. They have only a 5 patient per week limit on their scheduled days so they can provide specialized care to each patient. On the day of the procedure, we went to the rapid detox center and met with Ann, Dr. George, Dr Julia (the board certified anesthesiologist), Shawn, (the paramedic) and Bonnie, the RN. We were shown the surgical procedure room ? and the recovery room. ? We were told what was going to happen and where and approximately how long it would take. They told us that the fee was all inclusive and that was true.. They furnished all the meds, hotel, transportation, etc.. We weren’t asked for an additional penny for anything. Some of the other places that we researched were not inclusive and the fees added up very quickly to, in some cases, more than twice as much as this facility charges.. After the procedure, my daughter returned to the hotel accompanied by Shawn, and Elaine. These women stayed with us until way up into the morning hours when my daughter was resting peacefully. Doctor George came to visit us in the morning and checked her to make sure she was comfortable. More staff members stopped by to check on us throughout our stay and Dr George continued to visit us there daily. We were given the cell phone numbers of everyone we met and I can tell you from experience, they are always there to take your call, answer your questions, and do whatever needs to be done. This has continued since we have returned home. I have had to call the doctor ? on a couple of occasions and he has been truly awesome.. If you find yourself in need of a program of this nature, and since you are reading this I must assume that you are, please do your homework and find out the following: *How much experience does the Doctor, Anesthesiologist, and Staff, have with this procedure? *How long have they been at the same location and with the same experienced doctors? Don’t just take their word for it, google them.. nobody needs a traveling show to do this procedure. *Do they encourage you and a family member to meet with the staff/board certified anesthesiologist, and tour the surgical facility ? before the procedure? *Do they provide unlimited after-care? *How many patients do they manage at one time? *Is their price truly inclusive? I would, without reservation, recommend this facility and this staff to anyone in need of this vital service. It’s alarming to me that as big as the addictions problem is, there are only about 6 facilities in this country that provide this service. Just as important as the treatment is the confidentiality. Your treatment at this facility will never become public information to any person or entity.. That’s so important, especially if you’re a professional. Just remember, there is good and bad in everything in this world. Our experience with MDS was remarkable . Thanks to MDS, my daughter has her life back and I have my daughter back We love you guys.. Good Luck to you in your journey, and may God have his hands on you and guide and protect you now and always .Amen Blessed in West Virginia ~ Oxycontin, West Virginia
Testimonial It is just about 2 months since my son took that trip to Michigan and met a TEAM of wonderful people who saved his life. The experience was unbelievable! He had been on and off Heroin and methadone for 5 years. The methadone maintainance was killing him. His problem began with oxycontin. He would have never been able to wean off 95mgs of Methadone a day. We were leary about the process but had to try something. After the procedure, my son felt very little side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Dr. George made sure I had medicine for any symptom that could possibly occur. Dr. george visited every day. The staff was so loving and caring Ann is number one. I want everyone to realize that after you leave and arrive home, these wonderful people are there for you. Dr. George and Ann have been with us whenever we had any concerns or questions. We have kept contact and Dr George has helped through a few minor bumps in the road. You become their patient and they are the greatest. My son is back! He hasn’t laughed like this in the passed five years. He is enjoying people again instead of being consumed with the drugs. He states that he feels like he did when he was in high school. He walks everyday and his eating habits have changed,smoking is minimal and he doesn’t bite his nails anymore. He has no thoughts or cravings for drugs and said that time in his life is like a bad dream. On Thanksgiving Day, I had many thing to be thankful for, however there is a speciall thanks to Ann, Dr. George and the rest of the TEAM for saving my son’s life. I love you all! ~ Mother in CT – Oxycontin/Heroin/Methadone, CT
Testimonial Dear MDS, As I sit here- wondering how to start off my testimonial for my husband.. I wonder to myself.. do I share my experience with how my husband has been an opiate user for 7 years OR do I start off sharing my experience with how he was treated? This will be long. We all know the user/addict story..we can relate. So Ill go with how he/we were treated. Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by Mike, very friendly. We hopped into the car and OFF we went…How we both felt was almost like, THIS IS HAPPENING. Is this going to be worth it? Is this just another TRY? Mixed emotions for myself, not the addict, but the “caretaker”. Being hopeful, hoping this is the right choice!! Will it WORK!!? Ahh, Just so much emotion for myself..The drive was about 25-30 minutes, we finally arrive to the center. When we finally meet Ann! The voice who has been there to help us prior to committing to a major change in our life. Ann, with open arms welcomed us into the facility, all smiles making us feel at ease. She explained the timeline of what will be happening while my husband was meeting with the doctors. All set.. & off to the hotel. Very clean, relaxing not too far from the center. The next morning my husband is picked up. As I waited patiently he was dropped off by 2 nurses. When my husband arrived, I just didn’t know how to react. Naturally, seeing my best friend of 14 years right in front of me.. weak from the procedure, I shed tears of fear. You wonder why? Well, I can’t explain it. It was he and I alone in the room while waiting for the nurses to return. I quickly had to wipe my tears and become STRONG- Firm & his caretaker. Scared deep down inside, I just had to take control. While waiting for a nurse to husband was in a deep sleep, lots of stretching, yawning & hallucinations. Be Strong. Be prepared. Finally, our awesome nurse Shawn arrived! She comforted me & explained what was happening, not to worry & each day will be better & showed me how to give him his meds during the days we’d be at the hotel. I can’t express how Shawn dedicate her time and care each night to Us/ ME. Made me feel sure, made me feel like this was the right choice. Each morning Dr. George visited us as well, seeing progress making sure his patient is doing well, assuring me he is here for US. Each day I am thinking to myself, this has been the right choice. Our final day there my husband, still a bit sleepy & groggy, what do you expect? Remember 7 years of opiate abuse I didn’t expect an overnight miracle. I was a bit nervous leaving when I did. But being I had to work we did leave a day early. I recommend for those who can spend a few extra nights on your own will, please do so. Now-we’re home. Now- its real. Now I am thinking it’s the hard part. BUT on Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10….1 month, 2 months & 3 months- what hard part? the hard part was left behind us, at the hotel. Def, a Miracle :) MDS- What can I say besides the word THANK YOU? Because THANK YOU ISNT ENOUGH. MDS- Has been the BEST – Thing that could have happened to Me. My Marriage. My best friend, MY HUSBAND!!!!!!! He’s 31 years old & ALIVE. Full of ENERGY, HOPEFUL- enrolling back into school to finish what he started, friendships reunited and most importantly his HAPPINESS when he thought when he was suffering from withdrawal and there was no way out-he just thought that was it and that was his life. For anyone reading this- Please know- There is HOPE. MDS- Isn’t a commercial you see on TV- isn’t a REHAB Clinic with pools and oceanview rooms, it isn’t a 12 Step. MDS is a RAPID DETOX CLINIC- for exactly as they describe. You want the proper help for OPIATE Addiction. This is the place to sign up to. You will wish you did it sooner. My best advice- to not give up. When you are ready to STOP and to START YOUR LIFE… Please contact MDS. There isn’t ONE facility like this RAPID DETOX Clinic in America. Make the right choice as my husband decided to take his life, happiness & future back into his hands. MDS – THANK YOU AGAIN- Dr. George, Ann, Shawn & the WHOLE STAFF. Love Always, S & V ~ Heroin, NY
Testimonial Hello to all you practicing addicts and those watching those practice their addictions. Here is my grateful summary of my experience with the earth angels of MDS Detox. Firstly and absolutely, it was promised to me that the treatment for my extreme Vicodin addiction would just take it away ? and their promise is 100% fulfilled. Dr. George, Ann, Sara, Elaine and many more dedicated people took me by my 59-year-old hand and guided me through the immediate cure for my soon-to-be fatal 20 to 25 pills of 10mg Vicodin per day practiced for 2+ years. The cure was one of going to sleep from the most professional anesthesiologist, Dr. Julia, to awakening altogether cured with no cravings at all. And, my friends, I swear on my mother’s grave that I have no addiction or cravings for my formerly deadly opiate. Yes, the treatment was expensive, but having my clean and sober happy life back with one treatment is as they say: ?priceless.? I know that God led me to MDS because ?He wanted me back.? I am forever thankful to those involved in my three day experience from Michael picking me up at the airport on Tuesday; to the loving kindness and genuine reception of Ann; to the complete explanation of the forthcoming treatment by Dr. Joseph George and team; to the 24-hour, 3+ day aftercare from the two pure and beautifully soulful Sara and Elaine; to the return to the airport with Michael on Saturday. To any and all of you out there: We all make mistakes, and of course, the best mistakes are the ones we learn from. Dr. George and company will and do everything they promise. Your reading this testimonial and others describing their life-returning experiences could be God ?wanting you back? or just a plain old synchronistic miracle that has brought you here so you can feel free again. Give four to five days to MDS and live the rest of the days of your life healthy and whole again. I have given my permission to Ann and MDS to give out my phone number if you care for a personal testimonial. Finally, and please hear this deeply: It’s not that you are fighting off your opiate addiction. No, you are creating a way for it to just not exist ever again! God love you and be done with it!! ~ Mark – Vicodin, Florida
Testimonial Hey Dr George, Thank you for helping me last month. I don’t know if Shawn told you but i aced my final and came out second in my class. Anyways i have even better news: today i found out that i passed national registry. I am now a nationally certified EMT, one step closer to my ultimate goal of being a nurse or paramedic. Thank you so much. I could have never done it without you. :-) I wish more people would realize they could have their life back. I remember getting off the plane asking Mike if you are for real. I couldnt imagine that i could actually get through it. Now I know! I know that with help from you my life was given back to me. I wish I could make all the people who are stuck in the rut of drugs know that things can be helped. When you are in that spot you can’t see anyway out, but when you are in this spot you want to cry because you conquered the impossible. If only addicts could see the other side. Before there wasn’t a pain I could tolerate, but now I’m not sure there is an intense enough pain to ever make me take an opiate again. Thank you Dr. George. Without you i could have never done what ive done…. and I’m not even finished yet! ~ Methadone, Seattle
Testimonial You all have a wonderful, caring staff. Thank you for caring for me and helping through a difficult time. Great counseling has begun all with no withdrawal symptoms. I think patients make so much better progress quicker if they have no withdrawals. Only one option for me now: become a different person every day!! ~ Rick, Pennsylvania
Testimonial Hello Ann, Just wanted to follow up with you all and let you know I am doing well. I have started counselling on a weekly basis too which in the long run will be a big help. My sleep isn?t great yet as I can?t seem to get a solid nights rest yet, but then it’s ONLY been one week. And other than that I feel a little wired around mid-day. Perhaps this is partly due to the naltrexone, other than that please pass along my sincerest thanks for all of your help in getting me back on the right side. Please pass along my best wishes to both of the good Dr.s as their work is truly changing lives of not only their patients but also their whole families. Thanks so very much, and don?t take this the wrong way but I hope I never have to see you again! Kindest regards, ~ Billy from Canada
Testimonial These guys are the real deal from day one. Instead of speaking to a secretary on my initial call, I spoke to Dr. George. I am an RN and was on methadone and I had to get off of it due to my nursing license. And if anyone knows about methadone they know the thing that terrifies them the most is the detox. It?s worst than anything ? heroin, alcohol, pills you name it. I was desperate and stumbled across this website. Ann, Dr. George, Shonn, and all the other paramedics and nurses were absolutely fantastic. It?s been one week and the only symptom, physically, is the occasional cramp and being a little tired, which should be expected. They literally saved my life and career. This is no BS ? they are the real deal. I was terrified to get off of methadone. Dr. George is always there for questions ? day or night. Though it?s only been a week, I know this will affect me a lifetime. Thank you MDS. Much Love. David ~ Methadone, KY
Testimonial Hello and heart felt greetings to all my fellow brothers and sisters out there who are reading this testimonial. You are probably reading this because you or a loved one are dealing with an issue with opiates or the like. I am here to tell and swear to you that there IS a solution to being free of opiates that I received about 22 months ago. Quite simply and most effectively, it is MDS. With this treatment my cure was immediate. Dr. Joseph George is the most brilliant doctor I have ever met ( I am now 60 years old), and together with his team, from start to finish or all of a 3-4 day visit, they held my hand from pickup from the airport to the return flight home, cured, and I emphasize, with no withdrawal! Sure it was inconvenient to have to “go away” for those few days. Yes, I wished I didn’t get myself ensnarled in the problem in the first place. And yeah, it cost some money to do it. That’s life! Ann, a member of the team even helped me get the special health related financing that only took two days to obtain! This is my second testimonial since the virtually painless procedure, and I mentioned 22 months not because I count the months, but that just happens to be the length of time since my procedure. Upon waking up from the rapid detox procedure my severe addiction (20-25 100mg vicodin tablets/day) was edited out or deleted, if you will. Specifically speaking, the detox involves “flushing out” the opiate from your system. The after care that is provided from Dr. George and MDS, both physically and psychologically was superb. You have to recover and heal from what you’ve done to yourself while using, and they stay with you via phone or email after you have left the clinic. In other words, you’re not left high and dry. They are the Earth Angels that saved my life. I do periodically talk with them and freely tell them and you that anyone is more than welcome to call me directly to chat if further confirmation of this miracle cure is desired. In a nutshell, I prayed for an answer, for a cure, and I got it! I tell you this because no matter how bad or frustrated you are feeling right now, there is an answer and it is MDS. My true and only compensation for this is knowing that you become as well as I am now. You are not alone, otherwise you would not have been led to this life-saving organization who hands down CARES about you! Sincerely, ~ Mark W. – Vicodin, FL
Testimonial To Ann & MDS, May each of you enjoy a Thanksgiving holiday that is filled with happiness, family, and love. We are so very thankful for your commitment to helping our sons and for your dedication to help make your rapid detox program a success, one that is devoted to patients, and to their loved ones. We are also thankful to our sons who work every day to come to a deeper understanding of themselves and others, and who strive always to continue their journey into their new way of life. Finally, we give thanks to you, Ann (our angel), your doctors and medical staff who work tirelessly to ensure the safety and success of our children. We have so much for which to be thankful. May God bless each of you abundantly both this Thanksgiving season and always Len, Sharon, and Shawn & Joey, our sons! ~ Opiates, CA
Testimonial Dr. George, I trusted you with my life sir and I truly believed God sent me to you even though your competitors talked badly about MDS. You were the only Dr. that was more concerned with my care than you were with who else I had talked to. For this reason, I gave you control to takeover my pain control- which just happened to be getting all the opiates out of my body (or shall I say “out of my life”). I was studying for my BSN prior to being hit by another driver running a red light. After years of using, I developed tolerance and hyperalgesia (thank you for explaining the term). Now, I am back in school to pursue the career I longed for all these years. I felt positive and I put my trust in yours and Dr.Aharonov hands and I take choosing a physician very serious. I knew I was in good hands. It’s been almost 3 years! God Bless everyone at MDS. Forever Grateful, Todd S, – Fentanyl, MI
Testimonial Thanks doc for all you have done and for your patience with a crusty litigator. You have a wonderful staff which should be appreciated for the tough work they do day in and day out. Please send my regards to each of them. I am praying that having been on Vicodin for 5 years quite heavily and then to have a Dr prescribe Bupernepherine to get me off the Vicodin which lasted another 5 years or so, that this time I can really start enjoying life as God intended it to be enjoyed – Not how man perverts that enjoyment. “Dr George meticulously teaches you what is going on in your body and precisely what is going to happen . He never gets frustrated at silly questions or even the same question several times over because you want the answer to be a little different. Dr. George is a straight shooter. As a matter of fact he just showed me a piece in his “White Book” that Naltrexone is an opiate blocker and its only clinical use is to get off opiates. Good Luck on all your endeavors and God Bless Vicodin/Buprenorphine, CO
Testimonial All of my other procedures had not taken my pain away. Spinal stimulater, I also tried intrathecal injections, nothing worked except raising my meds, which really changed me. I wanted these meds out of my body and I wanted my family back. I truly believe I was sent to you for a reason, I thank you so much my friends. ~ Fentanyl, MA
Testimonial Ann, You guys did a great job. Bravo Ann, you guys are wonderful, absolutly fantastic. This is not only for me but for the thousands of pain patients that had MVA, and should not have to struggle to get off meds that we all had to take. All of you at MDS are doing a great thing for patients that have had a rough life but their future just got a little brighter. The rest we will put in Gods hands, again, I am so grateful. Sincerely, ~ Todd – Duragesic, MI
Testimonial My name is Nick and I’m a 29 year old male from Boston, MA. I am a college graduate and employed at a reputable company in Boston. I had been struggling with opiate addiction for the past 4 years and would do anything to make it end. My addiction brought me problems such as IRS Debt, Credit Card Debt, loss of family and friends, and so on. However, I had skated by without any legal troubles and I still had my health. My job was on steady ground but my financial life was a mess. With my habit, I would not save any of my money, but only use each coming check to get high. I felt like I had so much to give back in life, but was unable because of the addiction. Everyday, I feared losing the only thing I still had, my job. As an addict, my biggest concern was losing my job and then, not having the money to support my habit. It wasn’t until that moment that I actually began to reason with myself. I needed to detox but didn’t want to get sick and didn’t have much time to sneak away from work. During my online search, I ran into the rapid detox method. After convincing my mom to help pay for the procedure, I called a few places. Since I had a limited budget, I narrowed it down to a place in Michigan, but was not persuaded for several reasons, mainly because the person I was speaking to sounded very business-like and gave me a different answer each time I called. At times, I felt like I was pulling teeth to get information. A week had passed and I became very desperate and called this person with intentions of scheduling. During our conversation, her criticism of other facilities triggered me to search for MDS detox in Michigan! WOW! God loves me! It felt like a big burden had been lifted off my shoulder shortly after talking to Ann. Ann is my angel, sent from up above, along with all the other angels she works with. It’s been over 10 months of nothing short of a happy, productive life. There’s one other thought I’m itching to express. On the first day when I walked into the facility for the testing, I was greeted by a female with a warm smile. WOW! I jumped back a few feet! I wasn’t expecting Ann to be as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!!! I love you Ann! Please remember, my mom and I would love to talk to anyone searching for rapid opiate detox. Forever Grateful Nick, MA – Heroin
Testimonial I was on heroin over 15years. For the last 8yrs I had been on methadone. I got clean from heroin thru the methadone. Was able to get a full time job and after years of trying at 35 got pregnant with my first child. I had four years heroin free but addicted to methadone. I was detoxing when I got pregnant but then had to go back up because of the baby. As soon as I delivered a heathy baby girl I started to detox again got all the way down to 30mgs. And just could not get off. That’s when I decided to do the rapid detox. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. I remember GOIN in on we’d morn for the procedure, being taken back to my hotel a few hours later, then being heavily medicated till fri morn. There was no throwing up, no muscle cramps, no creepy crawlys, no diarrhea, It was amazing to be able to get off methadone finnaly after so many years. I feel great once again, I feel alive and I would recommend anyone who has an opportunity to do this to take advantage of it. It truely changed my life. Thank u Dr George, ~ Dina – Heroin/Methadone, Chic, IL
Testimonial It is with happy tears in my eyes, a full heart, and a wonderful sense of proudness as I write this. Today marks my 1 year anniversary of being 100% clean!!! I am sorry that I am not addressing each one of you individually but I have had so much support from my precious family (including my little guy Graham) and my dear friends over this past year that it would take me another year to write all of you individually. WOW! This is harder than I thought (writing this)! I am an extremely blessed Woman and thank God every day for HIM, first and foremost and all of y’all! (Sounds like I’m giving a speech w/ a Grammy….LOL) Without my faith and the endless support that I have had, I could not have made it thus far. When I decided that I did not want to live my life as I did for 7 plus years, there was not a doubt in my mind and as with life comes good days and not so good days but I have learned how wonderful life is and it is what you make it! I can now say that I don’t live without any shame or guilt! In recovery or as I like to say “remission” because I am on a mission to remain clean….they (people in “the program”) say ” guilt is what got you here…shame will keep you sick” so I decided to let go of both! So with all of that being said before I get too sappy (HA!) I want to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, texts, emails, phone calls, and most importantly for not judging me. With all of my Love….. ~L – Methadone, N.C.
Testimonial Our experience at MDS was excellent. Preliminary evaluation was informed and careful. The procedure itself went smoothly. The follow-up care left nothing to be desired. A nurse accompanied our son the whole afternoon and evening at the hotel, until midnight, following the procedure. Another nurse gave careful counseling regarding the nature and use of prescription medications provided for our son to take in the days following the procedure. Any and all questions were answered in a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful way. Just as importantly, once we returned home, our son began to go to NA meetings (three per day), and he has seriously worked the program since then. An important part of that program is service to others, which he has purposefully pursued. A week after we returned home, our son got a part time job within walking distance of our home; he also enrolled for two courses at a nearby community college. The greatest change we have seen in him has been a change of attitude. He wanted this procedure for some time, and once he underwent it, he was a different person. He now works seriously on his own issues, he is accountable to his NA sponsor, and he is very responsible in his work responsibilities and in his responsibilities at home. He gives most of what he earns to us, as a small way of paying back what he has cost us financially. It had truly been like the difference between night and day. It seems the MDS procedure set our son free to discover who he really was, and who he could become, without drugs. Drugs had robbed him of these basic personal realities, but now he is free to discover and develop them. The real and enduring work of recovery and staying clean has to be done by the addict. No one else can do it for him. No context can guarantee his or her success. But the procedure, care and excellent follow-up offered by MDS can give an addict a fighting chance to succeed in being a drug-free person, as we have seen with our son. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the great service offered by MDS. Best wishes always, ~ Jeff – Heroin, MI
Testimonial I want to let you know this is Kim from Wichita Kansas. Tom is doing awesome! It’s like he’s a total different person he’s doing great thank you all!! Methadone, KS
Testimonial All is well, just trying to heal my body from all the damage done. Feel good some days, so so other days. Can’t complain since it’s only 10 days since detox. Do not have any cravings for opiates anymore. Whatever your operation did, seems to have done the trick. ~ Heroin, VT
Testimonial Hello! Just wanted to let y’all know today I am 6 months clean!!!! Yay!
Testimonial Hi Dr. George, I was happy to write and share my story. I pray everyday for those going through the same struggle as I once did. So I am always willing to do whatever I can to help those seeking help and fighting addiction. After writing my story, it inspired me to volunteer at a local drug and addiction center here in the Springs. Please do use the photos I sent, I don't mind you sharing those at all. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share my story, it really means a great deal to me. I hope you are doing well, and it was great to hear from you. Take care, and God bless ? Sincerely, Casey
Testimonial Hi, my name is Casey I am 29 years old, and I live in Colorado with my fiancé and our two boys. I am a recovered opiate addict. My life today consists of cooking, cleaning, and raising my family. Which may not sound exciting to some, but I truly consider my simple life to be a blessing. It is full of peace, stability, and happiness. However, I would not have the life that I do now, had I not believed in myself enough to have taken the courageous journey to recovery. A journey that I am still on today. Although, it's a lifelong journey, I can tell you that it does become easier, and it's absolutely a journey worth taking. It was February 2010, I was 23 years old when I got the news that my husband and the father of my oldest son, had been killed while serving in his third tour overseas. I was completely devastated. Losing my husband was the most painful experience of my life. I was alone, hurting, and empty. I was looking for something, anything, to fix me. To make me feel good again. After having an elected surgery in June of 2010, I was prescribed Percocet to get me through the next two weeks of my post op recovery. Unaware of it at the time, the moment I took that first pill, was only the beginning of a three year nightmare. Over the next few weeks I enjoyed the euphoria and numb feeling the pills provided. I was hooked. Heart and soul. Opiates were the long lost friend I had been searching for. They made me forget about all of the pain I was feeling. But, the "friendship" between opiates and I, would soon turn very sour. After my Percocet refills were gone, I turned to buying pills off of "the street". I did not stop to think at that time, how expensive and dangerous my new "friend" would become. I went from taking pills every few days, then every other day, and then every day. Soon after that I went from Percocet 350 to OxyContin, Morphine, and Opanas. I was in full blown addiction and didn't even realize it. Not only did my heart and soul belong to opiates, but now my body belonged to it too. I was no longer in control of my life, opiates were the authority over my life. It was the first dry spell I would experience in my addiction. After three days with no pills, my sick body was desperate to get the opiates it depended on. That was the first time I experienced opiate withdrawals. After feeling the pain, and intense discomfort of withdrawals, I was done with my "friendship" with opiates. But it was too late, and opiates were not done with me yet. I was going to be a slave to opiates for the next two years and five months. Six months before going to MDS, I was sitting in the waiting room of a Methadone/Suboxone clinic thinking that I was about to be well on my way to freedom. I thought Suboxone was going to be the answer, my saving grace. But I was fooled. My Oxy addiction was only replaced with Suboxone. I was still a slave to opiates. After listening to a fellow addict talking about how they had been on Suboxone for five years, I realized Suboxone was not for me. I was ready to say goodbye to opiates. Right then. For good. In January of 2013, my fiancé encouraged me to find another way to get help. So I found MDS. I traveled all the way from Colorado to Michigan, by myself, in search of my freedom. After I arrived, I met the doctors and staff there at MDS. A warm sense of peace and hope came over me. It was then that I knew I had come to the right place. Everyone there at MDS was some of the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. They treat each patient like they are family. They were right there by my side through detox, as well as, after I went home. Even now, almost three years later they are still there for me if I need anything. They helped save my life. They can help save your life too. It has been two years and seven months since my visit to MDS, and I have been sober every day since my visit. During my addiction, I became pregnant and didn't know it. I had a miscarriage resulting in the death of a baby I never got to hold. Nine months after detox, God blessed me with another pregnancy. I now have a healthy and a very happy 14 month old little boy. My addiction wrecked my teeth, and caused excruciating toothaches, and infections. Resulting in the loss of four molars, extensive tooth decay, and periodontal gum disease. I never felt comfortable to smile because my teeth were riddled with decay. Four months after detox, I found a dentist who has fixed my teeth, at very discounted prices. My addiction caused me to look much older than I really was, and I had severe acne. A month after detox, I noticed a substantial change in my complexion, and the acne was under control. My addiction caused me to have insomnia and sleep paralysis. Days after detox, I was able to rest peacefully through the night. I've also gained motivation I didn't have prior to my addiction. I am now able to be very fit, and I live a healthy and active lifestyle. You have come to MDS in search of freedom. You may not realize it, but you have already set yourself on the path to freedom by seeking the help you deserve This is your opportunity at a second chance, please take this amazing opportunity. You won't regret it. I know stepping into the unknown can be scary, but you will never know what incredible things you will find on the other side of the unknown, if you do not dare to venture through it. Imagine yourself a year from now, standing with a smile on your face, having conquered your addiction. It is my belief that addiction is the hardest thing to overcome in life. Once you have battled it, you can look back and say that you have overcome life's toughest battle. When you break your addiction that is where you will find peace and happiness. It is not in substances that we find happiness, or an escape, but in the love of family and friends-the positive things we do for others, and the person we become when we make ourselves a better person than the person we were yesterday. As you set out on your journey to freedom, always know that there is someone out there, just like you, praying for you daily. Seize this opportunity because this is just the beginning of the end to your addiction. Don't give up the fight! -Casey-CO
Testimonial My son has gone through a few types of substance abuse programs - from a wilderness program to an emotional growth boarding school to in-patient & out-patient programs. MDS was the most successful program we did & the staff & Doctor is there after for any question or issue that comes up. MDS is the best program & I would recommend for anyone.