Our Sedation-Assisted Opiate Detox Procedure is Safe, Effective, and Life-Changing

With our rapid opiate detox procedure, you can be completely opiate-free in just three to four days with no pain and no withdrawals! After this procedure, we offer free aftercare for life. This tested and proven opiate detox treatment is performed by a team of medical doctors specializing in addiction, not by nurses like you’ll find in other opiate detox clinics. After treatment is completed, we offer free aftercare for life.

Call us now at (888) 637-6968 for more information on our opiate detox treatment, and enjoy a lifetime free from drugs once and for all. You will receive a free consultation with a doctor with absolutely no obligation to us. We are here to help you.


What sets MDS Drug Detox apart from other programs is our free unlimited aftercare by a board certified doctor. This way, if you have any struggles or temptations to return back to drugs you have a guiding hand to help you stay clean. We also provide a Naltrexone pellet; which is an opiate blocker in case of any opiate relapse. The Naltrexone blocks all opiates to the brain’s receptors as an added value to help you stay clean for life. Here is an overview of our rapid opiate detox program:

  • Start With A Free Consultation with a Doctor that specializes in Opiate Addiction
  • Complete Pre-Op Medical Screenings To Assess The State Of Your Health
  • Begin Your Treatment For Sedation Assisted Opiate Detox
  • Rest Peacefully For 3 Days While The Opiates Leave Your Body
  • Receive a Naltrexone Pellet To Conquer All Future Cravings
  • Get Free 24 Hour Aftercare For Life

MDS Drug Detox is a sedation assisted opiate detox center owned and operated by two board-certified doctors who oversee your treatment every step of the way. If you are thinking about opiate detox call (888) 637-6968 now to speak with one of our doctors and take advantage of our free consultation.

Need help paying for your rapid opiate detox? We have financing available to get you into rehab as soon as possible. Our flat rate, upfront pricing lets you know exactly what you are going to pay from the moment you start the program. No hidden fees and no surprises with fast drug detox from MDS Drug Detox. You get the help you need when you need it most.