• “Does insurance cover the rapid opiate drug detox procedure?”

Insurance doesn’t cover detox procedures, regardless of the facility. However, financing is available. Click here for financing or call 888-474-6231

  • “What are good reasons to choose MDS Rapid Drug Detox drug addiction treatments vs. other rapid detox centers?”

Experienced medical staff, safety, efficacy, lower cost, convenience, and confidentiality are just some of the many advantages MDS Rapid Drug Detox has to offer vs. other rapid detox centers. Our UNIQUE methods have been perfected by our extensive exposure to thousands of patients over years of combined experience. Being the nation’s only rapid detox center founded and operated by the practicing Board Certified physicians, we are dedicated to our practice and loyal to our patients. Patients are examined by the treating physician on a daily basis, up to and including the day of discharge. The private practice allows the medical staff to be more accessible before, during and after the procedure as opposed to a 9 to 5 job. The patient is not just a number and thus receives personal care in a private, stand alone, rapid detox only facility. The protocol is performed in an intensive care-like setting by an experienced, board-certified anesthesiologist and a board-certified addictionologist, medical doctor. It is far more personable, convenient, and confidential than any other rapid detox setting. MDS is the only rapid detox facility that limits the procedure to 7 patients per week. Several reasons why this is important: First, this allows MDS Physicians to perform one procedure at a time. Second, MDS Physicians and staff are available to care for patients on a one-on-one basis. Third, this allows individualized aftercare by a Medical Doctor based on knowledge and expertise, and not just by someone who treats the patients based on memorizing the business. MDS is the only rapid detox facility that offers unlimited aftercare by doctor Joseph George MD, the treating medical doctor that is involved in your care during your entire stay with us for the rapid detox treatment.

  • “What is the effectiveness of rapid anesthesia detox treatment?”

Anesthesia opiate detox is very effective. Patients don’t experience the withdrawal effects since they are sedated. At MDS rapid drug addiction treatment center, we will monitor and get the side effects of withdrawal symptoms to a minimum by having you go through the bulk of it under sedation and then addressing the symptoms with the appropriate medications. Also, the success rate is higher in rapid opiate detox anesthesia treatments while the dropout rate is higher in non-rapid detox methods. We have experienced very high patient satisfaction with the MDS UNIQUE rapid opiate detox treatment.


  • “What are the safety measures provided by MDS Rapid Drug Detox?”

MDS rapid drug detox treatments are safe and acceptable since they are done under light anesthesia, without any major invasive protocols. Furthermore, in addition to opiate detox treatments, hydration, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes are replenished by experienced physicians who perfected the MDS rapid drug detox treatment, making it UNIQUE. As an added MDS safety advantage, the same treating physician that has been involved in your care all along the entire rapid detox treatment, examines the patient daily, until discharged to go home. One-on-one personal care by our board certified physicians, RN registered nurses, certified EMT paramedics and trained medical personnel is provided the entire day of the procedure. Our patients are managed and supervised from start to even after discharge; we do not discard you after the procedure.


  • “Will I be in withdrawals after the treatment?”

No, since the majority of the withdrawal symptoms occur during the procedure while you are sedated. On rare occasions, some patients might experience mild diarrhea and/or fatigue for one to two days. These symptoms are manageable with medications.


  • “Are there any restrictions by going through the MDS Rapid Drug Detox rehabilitation treatment?”

There are no specific restrictions. Prior to scheduling, there is communication with the patients to determine if they qualify and or if they can benefit from the procedure. When necessary, further testing is recommended to screen the patient prior to the detox procedure. If there are any contraindications, the patient will be advised not to pursue the drug addiction procedure.


  • “What should I expect after anesthesia?

This varies from one person to another. Generally, patients wake up sleepy and tired for a short period of time. Some wake up with good stamina and good motor control shortly after the procedure. On rare occasions, hallucinations might be encountered. Patients feel much better about two days after the detox process. Overall, everyday gets better.


  • “Am I expected to take Suboxone, Subutex (Buprenorphrine) after the MDS Rapid Drug Detox treatment?”

No. Suboxone is not prescribed following the MDS UNIQUE rapid drug detox procedure. Many patients are not aware that Suboxone, like Methadone, is substituting one opiate for another opiate. Our goal at MDS Drug Detox is absolute abstinence from using any opiates. MDS includes the Naltrexone pellet (preferred method), applied during the procedure. We support and advice patients to continue long term Naltrexone pellet, oral pills or Vivitrol injection to secure a drug-free lifestyle. Please read the Blog posted by Dr Julia Aharonov titled “Methadone and Suboxone deception: are you truly informed?”


  • “Is there financing available for MDS Rapid Drug Detox treatment?”

Yes, there is financing. Click here for financing or call M-Lend Financial 888-474-6231


  • “How do I to manage cravings after the rapid detox treatment?”

Naltrexone, an opiate blocker, helps reduce the cravings and is available in pill form for oral daily intake, injectable form (Vivitrol) once every month and pellet form for implant every 2 months. The Naltrexone implant, included with your MDS rapid detox, is the preferred and most successful method.Please read the article titled “Efficacy of extended-release Naltrexone”Follow-up, good therapy and counseling are critical for continuous abstinence.Family support and life-style modifications are also essential for an opiate-free lifestyle.